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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 21, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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captioned by media access group atwgbh suze local man killed during gun fire and fiery crash on the vegas strip. what we learn from the family tonight. >> collapse of construction crane at the new bay bridge. how it happened with no one getting hurt. only on 7 news tonight. string of pharmacy hold ups. drugs they are after and what it could mean when you go to
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fill a prescription. also. i follow-up on the white house exclusive with president obama. how automatic spending cuts could derail the is.n f
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>> good evening i'm dan. breaking news in fremont. 2 people are seriously hurt after several vehicles klaided tonight happening on the parkway off arden wood boulevard not far from interstate 8 80. somebody drove the wrong way and crashed into 2 other vehicle. 2 people suffered other mainly injury and taken to the hospital. police tell that you say
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motorist should avoid the area at least until midnight. it is a mess. we have a camera crew on the way and we bring you update as soon as information comes in to us. >> large crane collapses during work on the new he were span on the bay bridge. we shot the pictures of the twisted metal. crane was mounted on a barn and was being used to remove temporary support from upped the deck of the new span when this happened. witness tells 7 news it sounded like a plane roaring overhead. crane fell near the island here. latest from abc 7 news transportation reporter heather. >> neck of the crane fell across the water on to an adjacent barn with section of scaffolding also landing there. cal-trans can't confirm if the crane was holding the father work when the accident happened but the crane was involved in remanufacturing the seal from under neevt the bridge one section at a time. witness on treasure island heard the accident happening before they saw it. >> my initial reaction is oh,
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the under pinning are taking them down and dropping them on the barge. then i kept getting louder and we looked over and pieces were coming counsel. crane tottering and it actually fell down. >> i heard the grinding sound. i thought it was a plane flying overhead but kept going. when i turned around the crane was already gone. and the scaffolding was just falling over and it just fell off the bridge on to the barge. >> roger has been watching the bridge project for years from his office at the treasure island marin a.for the last few weeks he had been watching false work removal. >> there are 2 cranes and they are on opposite side of the scaffolding and they lift up a section carrier to hold the scaffolding in place. then they cut it lasts and lower it down. so when i looked over one crane gochbility scaffolding then collapsed on to the barn. >>reporter: witness at the sailing center raced to help thinking someone must be hurt.
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>> guy here from richmond yacht club and st. francis got in the boat and were over there in like 30 seconds. nobody seemed to be hurt. there wasn't any problem that they could deal with. so they came back. >>reporter: the accident should not delay the new bridge opening scheduled for this labor day weekend. >> process of removing the false work has been set back for at least this afternoon and perhaps longer. but again that's month long project and is not on the critical path to opening up the new bridge. >> back in the old days when the original bay bridge and the golden gate bridge were built the sort of accepted formula was one fatality for every million dollars of construction project. the new bay bridge is a 6.5 billion dollar project. won't attempt the math but they have had zero fatality. first significant accident since the work began in 2002. doing pretty well on the safety record. >> on treasure island, abc 7 news. let's go back to the top
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story breaking news. accident where there is significant injury. this is a live picture now from fremont and the scene of multiple vehicle collide. this is on parkway off arden wood boulevard. very close to 8 80. this is a live picture. we understand someone drove the wrong way on arden wood then crashed that 2 vehicles. 2 people suffered mainly injurie injuries. they are on the way to the hospital. police are telling that you say this area is going to be shut down and real mess for quite some time probably until midnight or so again in fremont tonight. serious accident as you look live. we are staying on top of it. we update you as need be. 2 people apparently badly hurt. >> 7 news can now con dpirm one of the snrims this morning shooting on the las vegas strip was a bay area man. 27-year-old kenneth cherry killed in drive-by somewhating a aspiring wrapper from oakland under the name kenny clutch. ♪ ♪ [ sippinging] this is you
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tube video of him shot on las vegas boulevard some time back. he appears in the same mcdonald's rat i he was driving this morning when he was kille killed. cherry died in a car to car shooting on the las vegas strip. police say it began at the valet stand at the aria hotel. got into altercation with somebody in a raj rover. he took off in the mazzaratti one possibly several people in the rover began shooting at the car. speeding mazzaratti crashed into several cars including a taxi which burst into flames and killed both people inside. horrifyin horrifying. passenger in the mazzaratti was wounded by the gun fir and at least 5 other people were injured in the crash. it was as you can see an incredibly violent scene in las vegas. police still searching for the occupant of the black range rover that left the scene after the shooting. we spoke to ken evident cherry father and you hear from him tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. but a very upsetting bizarre story in las vegas. well moving on prescription
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drug abuse is fueling a bay area crime wave tonight. huge spike in pharmacy robbery. it all half dozen robbery from palo alto to san francisco national epidemic address entered south san francisco. more tonight from 7 news repor reporter allen wong >> on the same day in january armed men stormed 2 san francisco pharmacies and demanded highly addictive pain relievers like oxycontrin and oxy-codeine. habd happened here in the richmond district and 5 hours later at the golden gate pharmacy in the upset. >> i have notice that had there have been more robberies of pharmacies. this is typically because of the fact that the demand for illegal prescription immediate indicates. >>reporter: on tuesday armed men put a gun to the head of employee at the a.g. pharmacy on caesar chavez boulevard and demanded similar narcotics. including tylenol with codeine and viagra. second time here in two months. >> it's pretty high in deman.
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they cancel to it make other illegal substances. >>reporter: now the a.g. pharmacy is adding more camera panic button and only order certain narcotics causing a two day delay. white house office on drug control policy says prescription drug abuse is a natural epidemic. >> 2008 we saw for the first time in this country that drug over dose death drug poisoning death exceeded motor vehicle fatality as the single largest cause of injury death in the united states. >>reporter: prescription drug abuse for number south san francisco today experts discuss the crime health problems and lost production time caused in part by doctors over pre-describing the drugs. >> big problem especially in worker compensation rate now. >>reporter: san francisco workers cominvestigators ruth says california taxpayers are shelling out for huge increase in prescription drugs for injured workers. >> i can tell you worker compensation paid 2 52 million dollars. opiate in the last
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year, that's enormous amount of money. >>reporter: white house deputy director for drug control policy that you saw on that story is himself a recovering prescription drug addict. this is a far reaching problem that he calls the biggest public health issue facing the u.s. today. reporting in south san francisco, allen wong abc 7 news. >> turn to washington now. chuck hagel has necessary votes to be the next secretary of defense. vote ending the bitter fight over the president cabinet choice is expected some time next week. and if you have been with us last night you may have seep my reports from washington where i had the chance to speak with president obama. during my bay area exclusive one-on-one interview. well tonight for the first time in week the president is now reaching out to the republican about the automatic spending cut that will kick in next week. he plays -- placed phone calls to boehner and
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mckonl. we don't have details on the conversations but the president made it clear to me yesterday that the looming cuts will derail the plans for moving the economy forward. >> now in the state of the union mr. president you praised our troops. and said that they had exceeded expectations. while some of our institutions had let them down. which institutions congress one of this i think all of us take responsibility for thinking about the same patriotism, dut duty, selfless ness, responsibility that we see on display in our military. >> and that means recognizing that we are a single team. >>reporter: president clearly frustrated with the stalemate in congress over how to prevent are 85 billion in cuts to if a effect in 8 days. meet cleaver cuts that threat tone cost jobs and hurt everyone from the elderly to school children. not exactly how the president wants to begin the second term. at the white house he told me about his goals for the next 4 years. initiative out lined in
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the state of the union address. talking points echo by the cabinet secretary i spoke with at the white house. fichlt we invest 50 billion dollars initially we create thousands of jobs fix up the road fix up our bridges and make the investment to get america to be become to no. 1 again. >>reporter: graduation rates still poor in many communities around the country. what do we need to did to make sure that youngest people truly do have a chance at better future through education. >> we have to get our job rates down to sear o. we have to increase xwrad asian rate and make sure the young people graduate college and career ready. take the next step in education journey. >>reporter: country clubs out of recession business looks to expand. impossible without capitol. life blood of silicon valley high tech innovation. >> 4 years ago i started this job the credit crunch had really hit small business. just crushed. couldn't get a loan. good news is we have taken 100 pages of paperwork out of some of the loans so
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stream line and simplify. >> all part of reelected president ambitious agenda. as he told me a fast start is critical. >> i would like to get at much stuff done as quickly as possible. even though i'm just starting my second term i know that once we get through this year then people start lacking at the mid terms. after that they start thinking about presidential election. >> he believes the clock is beginning to tick. great privilege to good to the white house and speak to the president directly. members of congress back on monday when the sequester deadline is just 4 days away. >> well may something fishy on your plate. come up. buyer beware. lack at how much seafood isn't what you think it is. local bakery reaches settlement with the workers. in historic local case of wage theft. >> in the accu-weather forecast center there are clouds headed our way but will they bring rain?
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the answer in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. also ahead. pivotal role that some bay area students had to bring this sthere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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is. >> new nationwide study of fish finds that we are not always getting what we are paying for.
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miss labeling is happening almost 4 times out of 10 here in northern california. big problem. 7 news business technology reporter david has the story from monterey where some of the fish sample were tested. >> it's the ultimate cushion of bait and switch. over 1200 sample of fish were tested at grocery stores. fish market. sushi bar and restaurants. nationwide one third of this is sample indicated the fish were mislabeled. frequently consumer pay for more expensive fish but getting cheaper fish. >> we can be easily fooled for whatever reason and i thinkxd some of the the suppliers know that people want certain kinds of fish and they say it looks like whatever so we'll make it be that. >> miss labeling northern california was higher than the national afternoon. 27 percent of the fish purchased in grocery stores 58 percent÷ú served in restaurants and staggering 76 percent in sushi restaurants. the fish most often mislabeled are snapper and tuna. study conducted by
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osha non-profit group. the manager at this restaurant at santa cruz harbor had to change suppliers when they misrepresented what she ordere ordered. >> you have to pick purveyors you know and trust and the good thing about us being here is a lot of the fish we get from friends and neighbors. >>reporter: seafood watch a program of the monterey bay aquarium that educates consumer about sustainable food points out restaurants often don't see the whole fish. >> it is shocking. i think one of the things to remember is a lot of these retailers and these restaurants aren't getting whole fish. just fillet. very difficult for even them to tell one fillet from the next. >> commercial fishermen and restaurants say fish pass through many hands from the water to the table. it will take more vigilance, more consumer education and perhaps new laws to ensure people get what the menu or label says it is. >> if they want to get the product correct it's going take everyone, everyone has to get involve. that starts with the
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consumer. >>reporter: law makers in sacramento and back in washington are now working on legislation to provide stronger consumer protection act. in monterey, abc 7 news. this bakery in san francisco china town being forced to pay 7 of the workers 5 25,000 dollars in back wages. the city attorney office says workers at this pastry required to work more than 60 hours a week for about 4 dollars an hour. investigators say workers who are not being paid the full wage can not be afraid to report it to authorities. >> benefit to we hope all wage workers out there who are in similar situations and we hope it provides some encouragement that you can get what is owed to you. >> this is the largest wage theft settlement ever in san francisco. attorney for dick lee pastry didn't return our request to comment on this case. >> all right moving on weekend almost here. spencer is here with the forecast. >> we have more great weather coming our way. few cloud
9:20 pm
moving in our direction but looks like we will escape it rain. give you a look at live doppler 7 hd cloud free sky right now. a little line of some high cirrus offshore but overland areas mostly clear right now. you can see in the live view from the high definition east bay camera emeryville and current temperature readings 50 degrees at san francisco. upper 40's motor other location except petaluma really chilly right now. down to 39 degrees already. here's live view from the high definition south beach camera in downtown san francisco looking along the bay bridge and going on to other locations around the bay area down to 38 right now in fairfield. 42 in napa and los gatos so you can see it's another chilly night overnight and now we take a look at our forecast features. we have chilly conditions developing inland already. sunny mild conditions tomorrow. clouds move in overnight tomorrow night. could see a few rain drops. just a few drops. early saturday morning. probably before sunrise but we don't expect any significant
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rainfall. here's look at the satellite image animating over the last 12 hours. high pressure building in. you see the cloud are nor. cloud work their way into the bay area. but dry pattern. that will hold on into next week. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. notice the front to our north pushing clouds south and east and swing on through the bay area overnight tomorrow night into saturday morning that is what could produce sprinkle or 2 just few drops in the wee hours of the morning on saturday. but mainly we just see few passing clouds and breezy conditions coming along with the frontal system. overnight tonight clear skies. chilly to cold conditions. right around the bayshore line low pressure dropping into the low 40's. we see mid 30's in the interior valley of the east bay and north bay and low 40's on the coast. then tomorrow another sunny mild day in the south ba bay. reaching into the mid 60's, 64 at morgan hill and los gatos on the planes we see low 60's at redwood city, palo alt alto, morgan hill -- mountain
9:22 pm
view rather on the coast 60 at half machine bay downtown san francisco high of 61 tomorrow. also 61 in the sun set district. up in the north bay numerous locations will have mid 60's santa rosa 65 napa 65 sonoma 65. east bay high of 61 at oakland union city and fremont the inland east bay will move up toward the mid 60's in concord where it is 64. fairfield 65. and here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. again just if you clouds passing through on saturday but another mild day. sunny mild on sunday monday tuesday few clouds on wednesday thursday but actually gets milder on thursday with high pressure climbing into the upper 60's in mildest inland location next thursday. it's dry mild spring like week ahead. >> very nice. >> thank you spencer very much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. local students have quite the demo reel to show off. how they helped to put an other car nominated movie on the big screen. stay with us.
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>> this is abc 7 news. >> very scary moments for teenager in new mexico. 17-year-old skier was apparently throwing a snow ball to some friends in front of hi him. momentum carried him out of the chair and as you can see poor guy. he fell. he suffered serious injuries including a skull fracture and lacerated liver. this happened earlier this month. now as bad that is looked and certainly bad as you see he takes the horrible plunge we are glad to tell you he is now doing just fine. he's well on his way to recovering. scary. be careful on the ski lift obviously. >> you mate think that you know how to make a peanut butter
9:27 pm
sandwich but do know how to prepare one in space. can't use bread because that creates crumb. no no in space so astronauts like chris substitute tortilla few other things. >> open the tortilla and voila. weightlesstor ty a.okay. one tortilla. whoa. got away. take my peanut butter open it up. squeeze it on to the tortilla carefully. now a little honey. cool about the honey. instead of the bubble at the top because no gravity to make it float up the bubble floating in the middle. >> wild. this up loaded on you tube by the canadian space agency. we thought it was pretty cool and share it with you. >> academy award on sunday and open abc 7 and group of students at san francisco academy of arts university. they played a pivotal role in film with multiple oscar nominations including best picture director and actress.
9:28 pm
7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> whole universe depend on everything fitting together just right. >> before beast of the southern wild made it to the big screen a small group of students worked on it for months. >> you work on the shots and you don't know how big it is going to be. you working on them because you love what you do. >> what she did was help create visual effects for the fantasy drama. set in the louisiana bayou. he painstakingly enhanced the look and feel of a levee explosion. >> added debris to make it a little bit more more intense. >> movie made on a shoe string budget under two million dollars. so the financially challenged director approached the academy of arts university. student volunteers did most of the post production visual effects. including a key scen scene. stampeding pig like creature. she says her class
9:29 pm
brought heart and passion to the project. >> southern wild had a great story and so i felt like what we were doing was integrated into that story and helped tell the story in our own also way. >>reporter: this the is where the magic happened. they call it studio 400 a. in all 31 students from the academy of arts contributed to the hollywood blockbuster. . in constant contact with the director and joined him and the young star during a preview at sky walker ranch. >> linger in and wow! i can't brief that i actually worked on. that i was part of the huge film and i was part of what made it up there. my colleague and i. >> they have the credit to prove it. both on the screen and in the class. and resume as amazing as the movie. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. well you have probably heard about how the oakland a's may one step to moving to san
9:30 pm
jose. well coming up just how real is that plan? plus reaction to the folks involved. also bizarre scene in the middle east. i'll explain what happens. >> state of emergency throughout the midwest tonight. why the intense storm is is.ually good news for much of
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>> winter snowstorm threaten 20 states and 60 million people. governor of missouri declared state of emergency and hundreds of flights cancelled across the midwest. good evening once again. winter storm warnings are issued from colorado through illinois. lightning and thunderstorms commonplace. at least 2 deadly accidents are linked to the storm. more now from abc news weather reporter ginger z. >>reporter: halted in the heart land. monster snowstorm
9:34 pm
made for white knuckle driving. cars pushed and pulled in kansas city to this car up in flames after revving the engine trying to get up the hill in kansas. inside the huge storm looked like this. >> visibility about a quarter mile. >>reporter: sounded like that. >> there we go. thunder snow. >>reporter: highways shut down from missouri to kansas. >> just got out of control lost control due to the weather condition. it's scary yes it is. >>reporter: ice an issue in parts of arkansas and missouri. freezing rain made travel dangerous. at the storm peak snow fell at amazing rate at three inches per hour. in arkansas on the video engulf the friendly garden gnome in kansas city. here's here's where the big snow goes next. midwest and great lakes half foot tonight. back in kansas farmers say every flake is welcome. >> water equivalent is 10 to 1.
9:35 pm
not is that good. >> it's rain inch of water is good. we'll take it. >>reporter: farmer says the drought has hit his 30-year-old business hard. they need rain or snow to make seed for the growth. >> this will get our spring crop growing. >> she reports windy weather in washington state being blamed for army paratrooper getting stuck in trees. while jumping. this happened at joint base lewis mccord outside seattle. firefighters rescue the pair a trpers all okay. >> 4 years after salmonella outbreak killed 9 people, federal grand jury has indicted 4 people in the case. indictment charges the owner and 3 top officials of the peanut corporation of america with conspiracy, wire fraud and obstruction of justice. government officials say they fabricated quality assurance labels and myself led investigators. the company filthy processing plant were blamed for the outbreak. collator went bankrupt. shouting i did not kill kathleen during statement to the court former chicago
9:36 pm
policeman drew peterson nonetheless sentenced to 38 years in prison for murder. peterson convicted of killing his third wife. kathleen last september. his attorneys promised to appeal all the way to the supreme court because of the use of hearsay at the trial. prison sentence for popular rapper has ended but he is still not free. ♪ [ singing singing]. >>reporter: j rule set to leave prison in new york. he has been locked up for nearly two years for illegalñi gun possession but he walked rate that the hands of federal authorities. you see he's wanted for tax evasion owing more than 1 million dollars in back taxes. ♪ [ singing]. >> back here. oakland a's could now be one step closer to moving to san jose. owner lou wolf made night secret would he like to move the team to the bay area largest city. for the first time major league
9:37 pm
baseball released guide lines on how it might happen. 7 news reporter nick smith has today's developments. >> larry stone is cautiously optimistic. he's been trying to bring major league baseball to the south bay for more than 25 years. >> major league baseball is always helall the cards in the issue. the fact they have now formally i guess provided some indication that the that they might allow the a's to move from oakland to san jose. >>reporter: also one that comes with a host of challenges. biggest being the giants. even if the a's able to satisfy all the league guidelines the a's would still need to get approval from 75 percent of the league to override the giants claim to the territory. and the a's would have to pay the giants for the potential loss in revenue. if thaiing could reach into the millions. lou wolf owned the a's since 2005 and made it clear he wants to move. baseball commissioner selig pretty much silent on the issue. >> nothing official from major
9:38 pm
league baseball or out of san jose or the giants or the a's or anything. >> they belong in oakland. >>reporter: the possible move to san jose has oakland city leaders saying slow down. >> oakland continued to enthusiastically put forward 2 potential fights for major league baseball. >> one place under consideration is here. howard terminal. >> 51 acres of space just north of jack london square. the other favorite of oakland mayor kwan coliseum city. this view from sky 7 hd shows where city leaders plan to build coliseum city. destination point that house the city professional sports team and include shopping, hotels and entertainment. but san jose has presented its own plans. this map shows location of proposed new stadium only blocks from the hp pavilion restaurants and downtown hotel hotels. >> we reached both out to the a's and giants but neither commented for the story. highly unlikely the a's would
9:39 pm
move before 2018 because of standing agreement with officials at the coliseum. giving oakland mayor quanah bit of wiggle ramp as she pitches her new multi-million dollar facility. this is 7 news. >> in business news more girls are playing with lego building block sending company sales soaring. the sales last year reached 4 billion dollars. that's up 25% from the year before and triple what it was actually in 2007. and to that end a favorite with boys now targeting little girls with its foam dark action toy. hasbro launching whole product line with them in mind. this is the heart breaker beau. may ring a bell. beau were a big hit in the animated movie brave and of course cat had one in the hunger games. there she is. nerve version comes with an app so that girls can actually play together and camera can capture video of all of their action as
9:40 pm
they play. >> all right still ahead tonight. why an afghanistan teenager will be with the stars oscar night. who he wants to meet on the red carpet throh sunday, save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's presidents' day sale
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ends sunday.
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>> remarkable picture in istanbul, turkey. bus hit an 18-wheeler lost control and hit fire hydrant. passengers smash the window to escape the tons of pressurized water. threat to drown them within minutes. you can see the predicament they are in. 3 passengers did suffer minor injuries. >> teenager boy in afghanistan living in poverty gets the break of a life time. and stars in an oscar nominated movie. now he and his family will be attending the academy awards ceremony on suchbilityd abc news reporter mohammad is in kabul with the story.
9:44 pm
>> it's a rivetting look at life in afghanistan. but the real story behind oscar nominated boy takes place when camera turn off. here on the grimey streets of kabul 14-year-old mohammad used magazine just to make a living. he spent half his life hussling the streets. the only way to support his family after his father passed away. then two years ago random encounter with american filmmaker zahn sam french changed his life. french gave him a lead role in this mavie playing the son of black smith who dreamed of playing afghanistan national sport. >> what went through your heart when you saw yourself in the movie? >> i can not say my feelings because i was so happy. >>reporter: he grew up so poor his family couldn't afford a television. never once been on plane. never even left the
9:45 pm
country. when we asked him which actor would you like to be. >> he told us rambo. lake most american teenagers. >> issued see angelina jolie. >>reporter: the poster lines the hallway of the american embassy. >> it's nothing short of extraordinary. >> when they found out he couldn't afford the air fair they stepped in to help. >> positive things are happening here. really important that the american people see that. >>reporter: at the airport a taste of what is to come. 3 tickets and vip treatment from turkey airlines way for the entire team to arrive in style. win or lose he told us he wants the world to hear this simple message. >> afghanistan is free country. afghanistan is good country. >> country now rallying behind the very own cash boys. kabul. >> now remember you can count down to the sunday academy award with our official oscar app. back stage pass feature
9:46 pm
give you the best access with more than a dozen camera streaming video behind the scenes and from the red carpet itself. oscars app is available for i-phone i-pad android and the kindle fire. 7 is hosting a virtual oscar party on our facebook page this sunday. all you have to do is lick your invitation -- to get your invasion is like us on facebook then hang out with 95,000 other bay area fans to post your opinion on all the fashion flop, oscar snub and surprises. rsv p today and get ready for oscar sunday coming up. >> all right up next here. on 7 news at 9:00. biggest bike race in california wants your involvement even if you are not a cyclist. >> stay with us. we have that you can't move the tv there.
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>> america largest cycling event wants people. it's an 8 stage race beginning in southern california on may 12 and finishing a week later in santa rosa. it's the first time in the eight year history of the tour that the race will run south to north usually the reverse as you may remember. organizers recruiting 5000 volunteers state wide to the assist along this 750 mile course. if inked you can register at tour of californi >> san jose man will use the lottery wings to create a real nest egg literally. buying ching. mark brown showed us how he took the wing ticket from a machine at local bar on christmas eve. part-time ferrari sales man says finding out he one was certainly exciting. >> for real. hard to believe that i have never won anything really. grand prize and i knew the odds. 1 in 1.2 million.
9:51 pm
never this the it would happen. especially right down the street. >>reporter: mark will invest his million dollars in roosters and chickens. we wish him luck with. that few he has already delivered delivered 30 egg a day. which not chicken feed, right. >> new research finds bottle nose dolphins call the names of their loved ones when they get separated. they are the first animal other than human of course then to have names. researchers analyze recordings pairs of dolphins held in separate net and during the capture the dolphins can't see each other but hear each other and continue to communicate with signature sounds that sign tilingt say really amount to names. pretty remarkable. on the subject of dolphins, probably never thought a baby could mimic the sound. well, watch this. pretty wild.
9:52 pm
video up loaded by toddler tale same people that bring you america funniest home video. look at flipper go. >> larry can do that. hard to sell. drool on the bib. look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies around the bay area tonight. of he'll get me back. tomorrow state wide look for mainly dry conditions. nice mild 65 degrees at chick o. 66 sacramento. 64 fresno. 68 in los angeles. here in the bay area clear skies and after a very chilly early morning we have wonderful mild conditions in the afternoon with high in the mid 60's and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast just kidding larry. dry mailed days coming our way. few cloud moving and on saturday there may ab sprinkle or 2 early
9:53 pm
early saturday morning but essentially a dry day and it will be mild for the rest of the week. >> lovely. >> promoting cage match coming up. make a fortune. >> i love. >> i'm trying to update the same area basketball game unprovoked attack. guy shot. i love it. >> no extra motivation. for for mike an his cal bears for mike an his cal bears tonight. trying to knock offm
9:54 pm
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>> come up tonight a at 11:00. this story developing now. woman who lied about finding a finger in bowl of chili remember. that she's back in jail. what police are charging her with. that story. making old skin young again. technology that promises to change the way you look. all paying close attention to that. more coming up at 11 over on channel 7. >> i could take a shot right now. just right there waiting for me. >> mr. high roller. >> i'm a bigger man. take the
9:57 pm
high road. >> this is not the first time. >> nba trade deadline came and went today without any major deal. warrior 2 minor move unthe luxury tax threshold. clay thompson rest of the group remain intact. warriors 2 second year players saving one and a half million dollars. charles goes to philly along with cash for future consideration. average 6 point per game last year but jinx instance not much playing time this season. as soon as he came n.e. knew minutes tough to come by. jair by tyler dealt to atlanta for future draft pick tyler up and down to the d.league this season ampl ampleing 1 point per game in 20 contest. now thompson also a second year guy. the warrior top draft pick a year ago. rumor in trade talk. but he stays here. >> everybody knows tough. you get traded. >> but good knows we have an opportunity and at the end of the day still playing basketball for a living. not that bad at all. not the end
9:58 pm
of the world but it's not a fun day. >> i have relationship with these guys. i'm invested in them the. i attempt to practice what i preach. i love these guys. >> in the first game since the shove cal had a big task. oregon and beat the first team in the pack 12. mission accomplished thanks to justin cobb with two second left. 10 straight coming in tonight but duck flying. hoping with authority. cal second half justin to the thurman. new believe me later. ties it at 29. 2 minutes left. dishing to thurman again. tied at for example. 5 seconds left. tied at 46. cobb rise and shine. point 7 remaining and now it is over. cal upsets oregon 48-46. montgomery says shove it into the win column. stanford
9:59 pm
oregon state my daughter can do the back flip. betting joe can't. because he's 6 foot 7. 2 navy. why bother looking at the basket. that's for the weak. big game for the cardinal. he has 13 points at last check. right now stanford leading 73-67 with 3 minutes left. less tim st. mary's played byu he won it with 3 at the buzzer. still hitting 3. just earlier in the game. with 12 points. cougar brandon daveies inside. he has 17. in the second half see saw game you go to deli. 47-44 st. mary's leading byu with 10 minutes left. nfl executives in indianapolis this week for the hospital-hot topic for the niners. what with smith. trade him. cut him. maybe keep him. smith


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